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It is the desire to serve that makes a true leader and not the desire to rule. That's my emblem as Master Mason at our Phoenix Lodge. Despite my several years as a Freemason, I still give high consideration to learning and continuously look forward for developing my character, for there is no ending path to learning. That is what I have learnt being a Freemason and would like to pass this message to my brothers, my community and whoever is asking for the light. Seeing the light is by the humble approach to people and my surroundings, it is by the desire to serve and the desire to develop myself into a man who takes honesty, integrity, impartiality, accountability and learning as his own creed. Seeing the light is by the ability to listen and not to hear, it is by the strong ability to remain silent but not fearing to speak out; speaking out with wisdom the right words at the right time, for as much as a word could hold appreciation, encouragement and love, yet it can equally act as a brutal cause for a fatal effect. Is there any sacred belief than the devotion one can have for Freedom, Equality and Fraternity? Once you master practicing your life matters with a free mind, respecting the freedom of your brothers in life, once you have equal approach and consideration to all people and accept every human being believing in equal opportunities to everyone, once you find that family ties are not only the biological ones, but also falls withing the spreading of love, acceptance and care to your brothers in the lodge and your community...then you will start to have a new perspective of life where you will start appreciating the creation of the Grand Architect of the Universe in all its details, symbols, mysteries and perfection.

With Freemasonry you will find your own unique path in life and leave an eternal trail.

Razzouk Mardini

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